Is there such things as fake olive oils?

Apparently there is!

I thought the olive oils that I’ve bought previously are authentic olive oils and if they are not then I had been introducing a bunch of random oils into my body with their unknowingly ill effects.

I’m interested in olive oils now because I’m considering to add olive oil into my daily diet.

Olive oil is a good source of unsaturated fat (my DNAFit Diet report recommended for me to have monounsaturated fat to a 15% of my daily calories) which is why I’m more than happy to have it my daily diet.

My thought is if I’m going to start to add olive oil into my daily diet then I better get a good brand to start with.

Imagine my horror when I found out olive oil companies are selling fake olive oils​!

And so if you are looking for authentic olive oils look for the ones that are certified by The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA). Find out more here.

I will be looking for the brands that are certified authentic (as mentioned in the link above) and see if any of them are sold here in Brunei.

If I found any, I will update here on this post along with which store that sell them and also their price tags.

Update: May 28, 2017.

Went to Supa Save Beribi and to my surprise, their collection of olive oils are limited.

Disappointed, we left and went home.

On our way, we dropped by Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut. Went straight to their olive oils shelves and we saw the brand Colavita. However, there are a few products of Colavita. The one in the whitelist is Colavita Premium Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So happy that I found them, I bought one.

For a 250ml it’s sold for $5.30, 750ml $9.70 and 1L at $12.60.

Until then happy shopping,


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