Why I started juicing?

The sudden interest that I had for juicing is because I saw a video about a kid who were diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and he is now cured after his mother introduced juicing into his daily diet.

We often heard that arthritis are common among the elderly. I’ve never heard of a kid who suffered from arthritis until I saw that video.

I saw Bobby watched the video and at first I was not interested and I only saw bits and pieces of the video.

I started to get interested months later. I decided to watch it on my own.

It’s about Joe Cross who was fat, sick and nearly dead. He started juice fast for 60 days. He only drank juices and didn’t eat food for 60 days. On day 61, he lost more than 30kg and he was free of his medications two months after.

There were two videos and while was I watching the first video, I realised that I was watching a documentary made by Joe Cross.

Some of the things that Joe and a few experts shared in his videos make sense to me. Such as we are consuming far more calories than what our body needs and we don’t need to eat so much because of our sedentary lifestyle.

The biggest realisation that I got out of watching them is it’s the lack of nutrients in the food that caused people to be sick and/or overweight.

The kid whom I mentioned above shouldn’t have arthritis at such a young age. And yet he did and he was heavily medicated because of it. He was in pain and he had stopped walking because of the pain for crying out loud! I’m thankful that his mother watched Joe’s first documentary and decided to incorporate juicing into his daily diet.

The kid’s story made such a huge impact on me. It was because of him that I made the decision to start juicing and to make sure that my body is well fed with nutrients and anti-oxidants from fruits and vegetables.

I admit that it was challenging at first because I was lazy. When I first prepared my green juice, it took me an hour from chopping fruits and vegetables to have the juice and then I spent another half an hour to clean up the juicer. I found it a hassle to juice to be honest. I took a break for a few days.

On my break, I rewatched both documentaries over and over and over again until I made the choice and commitment to make juicing as part of my daily diet.

From watching the documentaries, I know why having fruits and vegetables are essential daily, I know why the lack of nutrients got people to be sick and/or overweight and I know if I don’t start to take care of my body now nothing’s going to change for me, my body and my life.

Knowing that I know all that unfortunately doesn’t do anything for me. Knowing has no power to transform my life. The moment I take actions and those actions are consistent with what I want for myself then I have created a new reality for me and a healthier life and lifestyle choice.

I told myself if I’m going to be committed to do this, then I juice at least once a day. This was about a month ago. And a few days ago I met someone who hasn’t seen me for about a month and she was surprised and complimented that I lost weight. 😃😊 I was happy to show her my flatter tummy.

Losing weight wasn’t part of my plan. I was more concerned with supplying my body with the right fuel so it can function the best that it can and of course to avoid getting life threatening diseases/cancer and the like. Although I wouldn’t mind losing weight, because losing weight means my body will be lighter, less burden on my legs and knees, I wouldn’t need to eat so much just to keep the body running and may be I can run and cycle a bit faster.

I do rewatch both documentaries from time to time. This serves as reminder to me why I had started in the first place.

In my own personal experience of juicing is I rarely feel sluggish in the morning anymore, I have the energy to continue my day without taking an hour or sometimes longer nap in the afternoon and I sleep so much better nowadays. The best thing about juicing for me is whenever I have headache (which is more towards migraine) either from dehydration or heat stroke, I just prepare and drink my juice, and wait for 30 minutes to an hour, the headache disappears. I no longer have to suffer through the pain for hours and days.

If you are interested to watch Joe’s documentaries, I share them below.

To making choices and healthier lifestyle,


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