Say hello to my new hair!

It was after I got married that I noticed I had lots of white hair.

Some people had noticed and they had a nick name for me. They called me Rogue from X-Men because we had a section of white hair on our front side.

I was disturbed by having them at first especially at 27 years old. I considered myself to be still young at that age and therefore I thought I should not have any white or grey hair.

Years had come and there was no reduction on the white hair instead I had more.

I had considered to dye my hair at hair saloon but when I thought of the maintenance and the cost of the whole treatments, it had put me off. Not to mention that they will most likely ruin my hair and possibly my scalp. That is something that I don’t want to compromise.

So I let them be and I watched as they multiply with age.

At some point in my life, I decided to no longer be bothered by them and I truly didn’t. I accepted them.

This year’s Ramadhan, my sister was sharing that she dyed her hair with henna.

I was intrigued.

I was interested but resisted the idea of dying my own hair considering the amount of work that I may need to put in.

I even asked her if the henna dye that she used was safe.

I googled the ingredients and looks like the ingredients are plant based with the exception of red clay.

The henna dye stated that it’s chemical free, PPD free, metallic salts free, ammonia free, pesticides free, peroxides free, preservatives free and also cruelty free.

Finally I decided to give it a try after my husband agreed to assist me.

Before henna application

My first try was on the 29th day of Ramadhan. Unfortunately, due to our first time with limited skills and knowledge, it didn’t come out as I had hope.

I hadn’t consider that my hair is thick and therefore needed more henna powder to completely covered my hair. I only used half of the packet which was mistake on my part. I should have used the whole packet. Another mistake that we did was we didn’t cover each strand completely with the paste. We took it for granted that the henna would work it’s magic. The result would have been so much better when all strand of hair were covered with the paste.

The third mistake was we left the paste dry on my head. We should have make sure that the paste was moist before covering my head with shower cap.

After the first henna application

My second try was on the final day of Ramadhan. It took 3 hours just working to cover each strand of hair with the henna paste. But the painstaking effort so worth the effort as all my white hair finally adopted the new colour, wine red.

After the second henna application

My henna hair and how they look like under the sun

I got to enjoy my new hair for a couple of days until I noticed the colour especially close to the roots started to become orangegy.

Another concern that I have is that the colour bleeds every time I shampoo my hair. The colour stains my palms and also my fingers. The instruction clearly stated to only shampoo hair after 24-48hrs after application and to shampoo for 3 consecutive days after that. And with this colour wine red, it tends to bleed.

I looked and searched why the colour bleeds and how I can minimise it.

A few sources mentioned that if the colour bleeds for weeks then it’s considered not normal. And since it’s been 5 days, I don’t have to worry. But oh boy I’m worried!

Because, colour bleeds could either be because of the henna dye or it’s the hair.

If it’s the nature of the henna dye then fine. But if it’s the hair then I have my hair to worry about. One source stated that damaged hair tends to bleed.

Well, I do swim in swimming pool a lot since 2015. Since then I’ve been losing a lot of hair. The amount of hair loss that I currently experience is worrisome.

I do use clarifying shampoo to get rid of chlorine and whatever pool pollutants there are in the pool water.I am guessing if my hair is damaged then it’s most likely from chlorine and other pollutants in public pools.

I read a lot of internet articles and some mentioned that the benefits of dying hair with henna is it could repair damaged hair. And so I’m counting on henna’s ability to heal my damaged hair.

I so love my new henna hair and I feel like I could never get enough of it.

If you are interested to give henna a try, look for them at Hair Henna Brunei or check their instagram.

The ones that I personally have tried is from the henna guys and also light mountain.

I look forward to another henna treatment for my hair.

To having henna hair,




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