A new mini project emerges

For the past two weeks, I felt compelled to do a daily meditation.

Some days I managed to do it and some other days I didn’t.

Since then, every time I meditated, I received insights and sometimes words of wisdom that I hear during my meditation. (The daily words of wisdom that I share on my IG stories are a totally different thing. I will share a bit about that sometime in the future)

I’m always excited to share my insights with Bobby after he comes home from work.

Last Saturday, he suggested for me to write and share my insights.

He said my writing doesn’t have to be a long post. Write just enough to document my insights and what I’ve learned.

I instantly love the idea!

I love to write. And it’s funny that sometimes I struggle to think of what to write.

However, with Bobby’s suggestion, I have plenty of material to write and share.

When I think about where am I going to start, I started to feel overwhelmed. I need to organize my thoughts before I start this mini project.

I also had a dilemma. I wasn’t sure where do I share my insights.

I asked myself, do I put them on my healing website or my personal blog?

This morning I had the clarity that since I’m going to be sharing my personal experiences, then I will be posting them here.

The content of this sharing will be a mixture of my insights, words of wisdom, teaching moments, dream interpretations, spiritual journey, energy healing, and relevant personal experiences.

I want to be frank here. The content is not for everyone. I’m well aware that there are people who do not resonate with what I’m about to share and put out there.

If you don’t like the content, then just stop reading them. You may not resonate with the content but there are others who will. The content is for them.

Having said that, you are welcome to read them, you can use them to self reflect or you can just read them because you’re curious. I’m okay with that.

I can’t wait to start.


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