Questions I post on my IG stories

If you have been checking my IG stories since June 2020, I have been sharing “Wisdom of The Day” almost every day.

I started this because I wanted to practice interpreting messages in the tarot cards instead of relying on their guide book.

I have been using tarot cards since 2018.

I don’t remember the meaning of most of the cards. I only remember a few of them.

And when I do a reading using tarot cards, I still refer to the guide book to check what each card means.

Early June this year, I decided to rely on my intuition to decipher the message(s) in each card.

To make it fun for me, instead of just giving away the messages, I put them in the form of a question.

Some of the questions are simple. Some are not.

Lately, when I looked at each card, I got a certain feeling about each one of them.

That makes it easier for me to interpret what they mean.

What I still struggle with is reading the cards when they are upside down.

For me to interpret these reversed cards, I have to turn them upright and see what I feel about them. Whatever message(s) that I got, they are the opposite.

Does it work every time?


However, I’m reminding myself that I’m still learning.

The messages that I received at the time of the reading is the perfect messages based on my ability, knowledge, and experience at that time.

You are welcome to check my IG stories and do a self-reflection with each question that I post.


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