Dream interpretation – beliefs & karma

I’ve had a couple of vivid dreams lately.

They felt so real that when I woke up from my sleep, I felt like I was on a different reality.

Once I remember that I had those vivid dreams during the night or morning before, it finally sinking in that those are just dreams, and I’m still on the same reality as before.

I subscribe to the belief that our dreams are telling us something.

I’ve learned to decipher my own dreams ever since I learned energy healing back in 2011.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of these vivid dreams that I had.

They were odd, they also felt so damn real, and I had a feeling that they were telling me something. I just didn’t know how to decipher them.

What Bobby always says about dreams is that the images or stories are random, feelings, however, are real.

Every time I had vivid dreams, I always check in with myself.
I ask myself the following questions.

  1. What do the stories in my dream mean?
  2. What do the things that I see represent?
  3. Why did I feel the way that I felt in my dream?
  4. How are the stories relate to what’s actually happening in real life?

Bobby finds it intriguing that I put a lot of importance on my dreams. I only do because I believe what’s hidden in our unconscious mind can be revealed through our dreams.

Let me share my interpretation of one of my vivid dreams that I had a few weeks ago.

My old, outdated beliefs got dismantled. What's left is a beautiful foundation.
What that I do and did in this world, there is karma associate with them.
Sooner or later, I have to pay them so that I can move on in this life.

What’s the significance of this dream?

It’s letting me know that the inner work and self-healing that I had been doing have paid off. It’s also a reminder that there is still more work to be done.
Since my old, outdated beliefs got dismantled, I can now work on having new empowering beliefs.
I should be aware that there is no escape in paying my karma. Therefore, focus on paying them along the way.

It’s a beautiful message even though the stories in the dream were somewhat apocalyptic and made me scared for my life.

I don’t always get vivid dreams. Sometimes I know that I had one or several normal dreams, but I don’t remember them after I wake up.

The ones that I tend to remember are the ones that I had a strong emotional reaction to them.

My thoughts on dream interpretation are it is subjective and the person who knows better with what is going on in their unconscious mind is the person who has the dreams.

If interpreting your dreams is something that you want to take on, you can start by asking yourself the four questions listed above.


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