An injured dog saught healing

Recently there was an injured dog that took refuge at my sister’s garage.

When I arrived, I didn’t notice the dog.

However, I noticed there was a stench. The smell was awful.
I thought cats peed on their welcome doormat.

I mentioned it to my sister when I entered her house.
My brother-in-law went outside to check.
He came back and informed us that an injured dog at the corner of their garage.
The dog looked weak too.

I went outside to see it for myself. I agree with my brother-in-law.
The dog looked weak and it was badly injured.

We were concerned that if the dog was left unattended, it wouldn’t survive given the severe condition it was in.

I immediately thought to contact Care and Actions for Strays (CAS).
I looked them up and I sent a Facebook message as well as a DM on their Instagram.
(I couldn’t find a phone number to call).
I didn’t receive any reply from them from both social media.

After 15 minutes had passed, I decided to email them about the dog.

I finally received a reply from them.

In the email, they were asking how severe the injury was and if we have pictures to share. They also mentioned that they were short on manpower and had to check how they can assist us further.
This was the first and final email that I received from them.

I took two pictures and emailed to them.

And I sent another email to ask them to pick up the dog because we were concerned that the dog wouldn’t survive.
No reply from them.

To be honest, I was disappointed and I am still disappointed.
1. I was expecting a fast response from them.
2. I was expecting that they would assist and take in the dog right away.

I guess I was fooled by the rescue updates that they have shared on their Facebook. I honestly thought that they would rescue any strays.

I don’t deny that I felt stressed about this. I didn’t know how I could help the dog.

To keep my mind off the stress, I decided to meditate.

After a few minutes of meditating, I remembered there is an ascended master that does animal healing.
I then changed my focus and decided to meditate and connect with Ascended Master Kuthumi.

I asked for healing for the dog and for it to find a better place for him to be well taken care of.

Immediately after my request, in my mind, I saw a white hooded figure, floating slightly on top of the dog while putting out his hands sending healing energy to it.
That was a lovely confirmation that my request was answered.

I think it was about half an hour after I was done meditating, my brother-in-law went outside to check the dog.

We were surprised that the dog was gone.

We didn’t know where it went.

The smell of the stench was still there although faded. The evidence of his injury was on the walls and floor of the garage.

I felt sad that I couldn’t do anything else to help the dog.

There was a question that one of my nephews asked.

“Why did the dog “choose” their house?”
There are more than 20 houses in their street, and yet the dog chose the corner of their garage.

At first, I didn’t know the answer to that question.

But later that day, I realized that I might have the answer. It may not be the real answer, but I resonate well with it.

The dog needed healing, and it could sense that someone in my sister’s house could provide the healing, which was me.
It was waiting to be healed through me.
That was why the dog “chose” to be there.

This incident made me think of the following questions.

Why do we have people coming into our lives?
What purpose does each one of them have by being in our lives or connecting with us?
What lessons do they bring into our lives?
What lessons do we bring into their lives?

For us to find these answers, we have to look within.
We need to examine our relationships with each one of these people and find the most probable answers for ourselves.
It doesn’t matter if other people disagree with us.
What matters the most is that the answers that we got are the ones that we resonate with.

I’m a huge believer in synchronicities.
I believe there are reasons why things happen.
Whatever that reason is, this is the one that I’m most resonate with.


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