Reflecting 2020

The year 2020 has been one of the challenging years that I have experienced.
It shined the light on issues that I had been struggling with for a very long time.

One of the issues was concerning self-love.
I am glad that after plenty of healing, meditations and doing the inner work, I am able to love myself unconditionally. This is a wonderful breakthrough for me.

Another one was concerning scarcity and my beliefs around it.
I had a huge realization that the world is abundant. There is truly more than enough for everyone.
I finally see that scarcity is an illusion that many have bought and subscribed to.
I prefer not to say much about this topic. I am still learning and unlearning regarding this.

The next issue was my inability to have complete faith and trust in God/Universe.
I admit this one was extremely challenging for me to let go. I was unaware that I had some fucked up beliefs about God/Universe. Thankfully after I did the inner work, I was able to shift this. I am now able to relax and have complete faith and trust in God/Universe.

Those are just some of the issues that I want to share here. I have many more but let’s move on to my wins in 2020.

A few of my wins are:

I have finished writing my book. I realized that writing a book, finish writing a book and publishing a book are 3 different things. As for now, I have done 2 out of 3.

I have passed the 4th initiation in October 2020. What this means is I have less than 20% of karma left to pay. I look forward to pay the rest of my karma so I can pass the 5th initiation.

Since I have passed the 4th initiations, I am included in a group of people who are actively ascending and becoming new masters. I am excited and can’t wait to begin my journey to become one myself.

I am finally able to ease into being and receiving. I couldn’t believe how much I was in misalignment a lot when it comes to these two. Thankfully, I am being aware now with what’s happening internally within myself and I can correct any misalignments right away.

I have started writing and sending a monthly newsletter to the people who subscribed to my email list. Sometimes the newsletter is related to the topic that I’ve shared on my IG post. Some other times, it’s a completely new topic. I look forward to write more and if possible convert them into videos.

Let’s move on to my not so wins:

I haven’t published my book. Earlier this year, I created a crowdfunding project to raise funds to publish my book. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

I don’t earn much this year when compared to the previous years due to the swimming pool closure from March until July. I received no income at all during those months. It sucked. It also didn’t help when I got triggered a lot because of money.

I have only recorded 1 video content this year. I had a plan to make 1 video content per month but I wasn’t committed to reach that particular goal.

I haven’t managed to complete a set of healings that I had planned for myself. If I did, I would have passed the 4th (and possibly 5th initiations) a lot earlier.

I admit the year 2020 hasn’t been great. Having said that, it’s also the year where I have tremendous personal and spiritual growth.
I thought that I was conscious about how I live my life. It turns out, I was still unconscious about the many beliefs that I have.

In this year alone, I have let go of so many deeply rooted old beliefs. It was easy since I knew they were not beneficial to me.
The thought of leaving 2020 however brings a tad of sadness. I don’t know why I feel that way. I am usually excited and look forward to the new year.
I guess this year is different from the previous years.

I will mourn 2020 as we all enter the new year 2021.


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