Hello there.

My name is Hayatti Rahgeni.

The purpose of me having this website is to share my journey towards fun, active and healthy life.

I love beaches, sunbathing and I’ve learnt to love swimming in the open water even though I got stung several times by jellyfishes.

I love to travel and stay at good hotels. Every time I got out of Brunei, it’s my chance to unwind.

I love to juice veggies and also fruits. I incorporate daily juice drinking in my diet. My favourite fruits are oranges and pineapples.

I do my best to be active 3-5 times a week except when I’m recovering from my activities. My current sports are yoga, swimming, cycling and running. I look forward to add stand up paddling into the list.

Since I love sunbathing, I go crazy for bikinis, tankinis and one-piece swim suits! Hopefully I get to share with you some of my swim suits some time in the future.

I also love love cooking! I’ve learnt to cook from my late mother. She made some very mean dishes that I love very much until today. I’m not so much into baking especially with the so many ingredients but I do bake once in a while and only when the baking inspired mood strikes me.

Enjoy my sharing about some parts of my life.

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