We are on Keto Diet

Lemon Garlic Salmon

I’ve mentioned in my previous video that my husband and I were on an extended 7-day water fast.

Since that 7-day extended water fast, we did another 4-day extended water fast the following week from Monday to Thursday.

After we were done with the 4-day water fast, we decided to try keto diet.

In it’s simplicity, it’s a diet where we get most of our energy from fats and protein. It’s similar to the low carb diet that we adopted years ago.

Currently we’re doing keto diet with intermittent fasting.

Switching from the water fast to keto diet is roughly easy for us since we had tried low carb diet before.

When we tried the low card diet, we ate 3 meals a day.

When Bobby found intermittent fasting by Dr Jason Fung, we gave intermittent fasting a try.

We started off with skipping breakfast and only had lunch and dinner.

Then in a couple of weeks, we started to eat lunch much much later to the point we fasted for more than 16-18 hours a day and this eventually resulted us in having one meal a day which is dinner.

I also want to share that because I did the extended 7-day water fast and the 4-day water fast, I experienced the following goodness as a result!

    1. I don’t crave fast food anymore! Their smell has surprisingly turn me off.
      I remember when we used to visit at least 1 fast food restaurant a day.
      I was addicted to spicy chicken KFC, spicy chicken Jollibee and pancakes and breakfast meals from McD.
      Ever since the first day of the 7-day water fast, we have stopped eating fast food.
    2. What about pastry and baked goods? Same thing! M turned off.
      When I see baked goods sold at bakery, I’m reminded by the amount of sugar and flour that they contain.
      Since I bake cakes once in a while, seeing 10g of sugar is already freaking me out.
    3. I have zero interest in eating out in restaurants just because I don’t know if they add sugar/flour into their cooking.
      I found out that some people put sugar in their chicken curry!
    4. Having said that, I do eat out when I have my cheat days.
      These are the days when I allow myself to eat all the carbohydrates that I want and that includes my favourite pepperoni pizza.
    5. I used to be addicted to Oreos and cheese flavoured Twisties.
      I used to had to have them daily and after the extended water fast, I’m not addicted anymore.
      I stop buying them.
    6. What I learned about myself during the extended water fast was that I missed prepping and cooking food.
      I had forgotten how I love eating and cooking my own food.
      So because of that, I’m back cooking my own food.
      It helps a lot when my husband loves to eat my cooked food.
    7. Ever since we’re on keto diet, we eat more veggies daily when compared to when we were on low carb diet.
      I get to shop for fresh veggies weekly!
    8. I’m now more mindful when buying prepacked food.
      I looked at the nutritional content and checked whether they have artificial sweeteners, how much sugar, flour, fat content and carbohydrates they have.
      Because of this, we become very selective and we don’t buy most of the prepacked food that are advertised as “healthy”.
    9. I’ve learnt to love baking as well.
      I used to be put off by the ridiculous amount of ingredients that it takes to bake something.
      And with the Keto diet, there are quite a lot of easy ways to make keto desserts recipes out there and I’m willing to give a few of them a try.
    10. I’m losing weight slowly.
      The losing weight is from intermittent fasting couple with the keto diet.
      Last week, my weight was 67.8kg when I started the keto diet and on the 5th day in the morning, my weight was 64.7kg.
      This week, my weight started at 65.5kg and today is the 3rd day and I’m at 64.7kg.
      Currently my goal is to be at 60kg.
      And once I hit 60kg, my new weight goal would be 55kg.

I remember the time when I did intermittent fasting with one meal a day and I ate carbs with no veggies and not enough protein.

To be honest, I felt sluggish.

And I hate that feeling.

With the keto diet with plenty of veggies and protein, I can feel the difference.

I’m not sluggish anymore.

I’m awake.

And I love that!

Owh before I end this post, the picture above is a shot of lemon garlic Salmon that I cooked for our dinner.

It was surprisingly fulfilling!

It’s the perfect meal for keto.

If you’re interested in the recipe, click here.

How do I eat 10% of my daily calories from refined carbs

If you’ve read my DNAFit Diet Pro report, I mentioned somewhere in that post that I found it’s tricky to consume a maximum of 10% of my daily calories through refined carbs. I said that because I don’t really count my calories.

Well, since some of the nutritional guides based on my DNAFit Diet Pro report are based on certain percentages of my daily calories then I thought why not I give this a try.

I found an accurate calculation of calories/day for basal metabolic rate or BMR.

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy expressed in calories that a person needs to keep the body functioning at rest.

My understanding of this is BMR indicates the minimum amount of energy needed to keep the body functioning at rest. Obviously, this doesn’t include when the person is exercising.

The accurate formula for calculating BMR is the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation (calories/day):

Male: 9.99 x weight + 6.25 x height – 4.92 x age + 5
Female: 9.99 x weight + 6.25 x height – 4.92 x age – 161
weight in kilograms, height in centimeters, age in years

Let’s work out my own BMR.

My current weight (at the time of writing this post): 64kg. My height is 149cm. My current age is 35yrs old.

My BMR is 1,237.41 calories/day.


That number doesn’t seem a lot does it. I’m also surprised considering I thought my BMR would be close to or more than 1500 calories/day.

Now that I’ve got my number and clarity of how much calories I need on my rest day, it’s safe to say that I can consume a maximum of 124 calories​per day from refine carbs.

And so, let’s say that I want to eat tortilla wrap (which is mostly from plain flour and therefore refined carbohydrate) and depending on the brand and their calories, how many tortilla wraps that I can eat, considering the cap of 124 calories?

If you can see the nutritional content of this tortillas’ brand, it says each tortilla contains 118 calories. Using Maths to calculate, I can have 1 and 1/20 tortillas.

Let’s look at a different brand.

With this brand, per serving is 2 tortillas and contain 150 calories. I can have 1 and 13/20 tortillas.

It seems depressing that I only limit myself to less than 2 tortilla wraps per day.

I get it that this is just a guideline. And so, it’s not that all depressing for me anyway.

The maximum 124 calories from refined carbs is necessary for me to watch my weight and especially when I’m not active doing any sports. And if I desire to eat more tortilla wraps, then what I can do is exercise for an hour or two then I can have more if I wish.

I love tortillas!

And if any of you are interested in getting tortilla wraps, I remember seeing both brands at Supa Save. My favourite tortillas would be my own home made chicken tortillas using either one of the wraps.

Now, it’s easy to calculate how much refined carbohydrate to have if I have the info of the nutritional content of each food that I eat. Not so much when the info is missing or unavailable. When that is the case it’s either I avoid the food all together or I took a third or half of the served portion and when it comes to having buffet, I usually take one small scoop of the refined carbs.

I do enjoy having refined carbohydrates once in a while and especially when I have my cravings. Other than that I’m happy to indulge myself with my favourite fruits, oranges, pineapple and mangoes!

To enjoying more fruits,

Is there such things as fake olive oils?

Apparently there is!

I thought the olive oils that I’ve bought previously are authentic olive oils and if they are not then I had been introducing a bunch of random oils into my body with their unknowingly ill effects.

I’m interested in olive oils now because I’m considering to add olive oil into my daily diet.

Olive oil is a good source of unsaturated fat (my DNAFit Diet report recommended for me to have monounsaturated fat to a 15% of my daily calories) which is why I’m more than happy to have it my daily diet.

My thought is if I’m going to start to add olive oil into my daily diet then I better get a good brand to start with.

Imagine my horror when I found out olive oil companies are selling fake olive oils​!

And so if you are looking for authentic olive oils look for the ones that are certified by The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA). Find out more here.

I will be looking for the brands that are certified authentic (as mentioned in the link above) and see if any of them are sold here in Brunei.

If I found any, I will update here on this post along with which store that sell them and also their price tags.

Update: May 28, 2017.

Went to Supa Save Beribi and to my surprise, their collection of olive oils are limited.

Disappointed, we left and went home.

On our way, we dropped by Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut. Went straight to their olive oils shelves and we saw the brand Colavita. However, there are a few products of Colavita. The one in the whitelist is Colavita Premium Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So happy that I found them, I bought one.

For a 250ml it’s sold for $5.30, 750ml $9.70 and 1L at $12.60.

Until then happy shopping,