I have stopped reading tarot cards

If you have been following my Instagram stories a few years ago then you probably noticed that I posted tarot readings quite often. At some point, I made a commitment to share daily tarot readings for months.

My interest in tarot cards started after I was first exposed to oracle cards back in 2018.
Despite protests that I had received from some people, I bought several tarot decks and books, learned how to use the cards and even took a course to deepen my understanding of the tarot system. With consistent practice, I was able to use the cards to interpret the answers that I received from my intuition.

A month ago, I have stopped using them.

Here’s why.

For the past few months, I have been focusing on praying to God.

When I pray to God, I do either one of the following.
It’s either I ask God a question(s) or I ask for guidance or I ask for something.
After I ask, I would receive either a quick response, or a delayed response, or a physical manifestation of what I had asked for.

This happened quite often that it made me realize that God listens.

And I also realize that I receive His answers because I listen.

Whenever I ask God, in order for me to receive His answers, what I need to do is silence my mind. (Having done meditation for several years has helped me tremendously in this area).
I notice that whenever my mind is noisy, it’s impossible for me to receive His answers.

In my personal experience, God’s answers can either be in a form of my internal voice that I hear in my head or a specific feeling that I get or I feel the energy.

When God responds with the voice or a specific feeling, those responses are very easy for me to understand.

From these experiences, I began to realize that I don’t need tarot cards to interpret God’s responses to my questions.
All I have to do is just silence my mind and listen for His answers.

However, when God responds with energy, that is when I find myself in the dark. I don’t know how to interpret it. Often the energy is unfamiliar to me. Instead of reaching for my tarot deck, I gave myself time to assimilate the energy. Sometimes I managed to interpret it and most times I couldn’t. In this case, I either ask God again or I just let it be.

I am aware that there are people who think that God doesn’t listen. My question to these people is, are they even listening?

God’s responses can come in many ways. Sometimes, it’s direct and some other times God’s responses come indirectly.
The most important part after we ask God is to listen for His response.
When we don’t listen, then how can we receive His answers or guidance?

This entire experience has changed my relationship with God.
I too previously thought that God didn’t listen.
I thought that I needed a medium to translate God’s responses to my questions.
It turns out now I don’t.
I will receive His responses regardless; as long as I listen for them.

Hence, goodbye tarot cards.
I have had fun using them.
I am grateful that I took the opportunity to learn more about them.
I personally feel if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today spiritually speaking.
I acknowledge that it is time for me to move on and leave the tarot practice behind.
I do feel sad for letting this go.
However, I trust in God’s Divine plan and just focus on strengthening my spiritual connection with Him.

Intentions for 2021

This year will be about deepening our connection to God/Universe.

I do this via prayers and meditations.

I find that when I do my meditation and prayer first before I start my day, it sets a specific tone for the day.

Usually, it’s a positive and uplifting tone.

The times when I don’t prioritize my meditation and prayer first, that’s when my days tend to feel kinda meh.

I used to not prioritizing these two.

However, since I have made several intentions for 2021, I’m happy to share that meditation, prayer, doing inner work, self-reflecting, daily journaling, clearing and healing are part of my morning ritual.

I am happy to devote up to 2 hours to complete them.

If you’re asking, do I truly have the time? My answer is yes, I do.

Something shifted within me as we entered the new year.

I believe that I have more than enough time to do what I need/want.

Having this belief is enough for me to create small (but impactful) changes in my life.

I remember when I thought that I didn’t have enough time, I tend to skip and/or rush doing things.

After the shift, I find that I’m allowing myself time to do the things that I want/need to do. I no longer rush doing things. I also used to skip doing a daily workout. Now it’s part of my daily morning routine.

Having said all of the above, I’m aware that I had failed to achieve my new year resolutions in the past (not once, not twice but countless times) which had led me to believe that it’s pointless to have new year resolutions.

This year, I’m setting up my intentions for 2021. While I had failed at achieving new year goals in the past, I’m keen to keep track of the progress of my 2021 intentions.

I haven’t finished setting up my intentions. There are a few things that I’m unclear still. Hopefully, I will get the clarity that I need as I move along with the new year.

I’m wishing everyone lots of joy, love, health, wealth, miracles and blessings.

Happy New Year, everyone!

A New Beginning

I meditated during the Great Conjunction yesterday.

I originally planned for a clearing during that specific event.

However, I felt the need to start the clearing earlier that day.

Then at 6 pm, I started to meditate.

I figured that since I did the clearing already, it would be great to anchor the new energies brought by Saturn and Jupiter.

I aimed for a 30-minute meditation. After half an hour had passed, I had a nudge to continue my meditation.

That was when I felt the downpour of energies. They came in waves of different intensities.

At first, it was light then it started to increase in intensity and then it became lighter again. This went on for more than 20 minutes.

There were a lot of energies that I am not familiar with. My guess is I’m not yet attuned to these energies or I’ve never experienced them. Hence, I can’t put a label on them since I don’t know them.

Having said that, I did feel several energies that I’m familiar with.

  1. Overall Expansion
  2. Owning Universal Truth
  3. Love for Humanity
  4. Embrace Changes
  5. Let Go of the old paradigm

The energy of Overall Expansion is beautiful. This expansion energy will affect all areas of our life such as personal growth, abundance, relationships, health, etc.

Owning Universal Truth is amazingly powerful! It’s great when we own our personal truth because that is how we learn to know and be ourselves. However, owning the universal truth will help to propel us to a new level of consciousness and assists us in stepping into who we truly are at soul level.

The Love of Humanity is very much needed to help us move forward in the new Age of Aquarius. There is currently too much hatred and division among humanity. When the Love of Humanity is greater, it will strongly gather people to come and work together for a higher purpose.

Embrace Changes along the way. Big changes will be coming our way. What used to work in the old world, will no longer work. Those who are ready to embrace changes will be the ones who benefit the most. Those who refuse and resist will remain stuck despite the presence of the new energies.

All these new energies are here to support us. Allow them to assist us. To do so, we need to Let Go of our baggage and old beliefs and ways of thinking. There is no need for us to buy into lack, pain, struggle, mediocrity, and suffering anymore.

It is time for us to embrace a new beginning.

Let’s welcome new possibilities, abundance, magic and miracles into our lives.

How I get out of depression

A shocking realization in the morning.

It’s surprisingly easy for me to fall into depression.

I had been depressed for many years. The whole experience was unpleasant because I was extremely unkind to myself. At that time, I didn’t know that I needed help. I ended up being suicidal as my mental and emotional states deteriorated.

What had saved me was my first taste of mental peace.

There were no snide comments, no judgments and no mean voices in my head. My mind was completely silent.

You wouldn’t believe how relieved I was. I finally felt like I could breathe again.

I remember I said to myself, “This is what inner peace must be like.”

I have never looked back since.

I made it my personal goal to be at peace and to experience inner peace every day.

I woke up in the morning and the first thing that I did was choosing inner peace. I did this for days, months and years until being at peace became my default.

Along the way, I learned that our mind can either be a powerful ally or our greatest enemy.

What I have observed with me is when I don’t manage my negative thoughts, negative emotions tend to run rampant which cause anger, upsets, sadness, depression, hopelessness, etc.

I don’t deny there are times when I forgot to manage my thoughts and that’s when it’s easy for me to become depressed.

Fortunately for me, I know how to get myself out of depression. No medicine required. Instead, I go within and check-in with myself.

I ask myself, what thoughts are running in my head?

Almost all the time, they are negative thoughts either about myself, other people, situations, circumstances, you name it.

It’s mentally and emotionally painful for me to be in any negative state. I’d rather experience inner peace than negativity.

Once I choose to be at peace, I bring all my focus on inner peace. As I do, negative emotions leave my body and negative thoughts no longer trigger me.

I find this is a powerful way to deal with negative thoughts and emotions. I have been using this method to successfully get myself out of the inner negativity that I have experienced.

I don’t deny, ignore or suppress any negative thoughts that I have. I also don’t feed them and I don’t give my energy to them. Instead, I acknowledge them and I shift my focus to inner peace.

Choosing to be at peace isn’t easy especially when we have invested in having drama in our life. It can be easy when we are committed to having inner peace every second in our daily life.

Being at peace isn’t just for the monks. It’s not reserve for the few. It’s available for everyone.

Anyone can be at peace if they choose to.

The question is, do you choose it?

If you are ready to have mental peace and experience inner peace, I invite you to work with me. Details can be found here.


It’s a topic that’s uncomfortable to talk about.

I bring it up because one of my aunts passed away a few days ago.

Her death reminded me of the two deaths that had affected me deeply.

One was my late cousin when I was a teenager, and another one was my late mother when I was a young adult.

With my late cousin’s death, I felt incredibly overwhelmed at his unexpected departure. At that time, I never experienced losing someone before. The pain was unbearable, coupled with my disbelieve that he was gone. My feelings were too much for me to handle, and I didn’t know how to process the intense feelings of loss and deep sadness.

With my late mother’s sudden death, I took a different route entirely. I shut down my feelings because I thought that I had to remain strong for my siblings. I can tell you that’s the wrong approach to deal with losing one’s mother.

In all honesty, I don’t think I ever get over my cousin’s death all these years. Although I know that at some point, I will have to deal with it so that I can be at peace with it.

With my mother’s death, I went through the stages of grief. I was in denial for years, and then I became super f*cking angry at God for taking her away from me. At that time, I couldn’t accept that it was her time to leave and move on. I had felt guilty, I had regrets and I was depressed for years. The only way for me to be okay with her death was knowing that she had suffered enough in her life, and death was mercy for her.

It has been more than a decade since my mother’s death. I’ve learned a few things that have helped me to finally be at peace with death.

My view is death is a necessary experience for the soul. Without death, the soul wouldn’t get to experience the variety and colorful lives on Earth. Whether it’s a peaceful or traumatic experience, that’s up to each of us and the agreement that our soul had made.

There is this idea that we can design our life, and therefore we can also design our death.

I’ve decided long ago how I am going to “leave”. I promise that it won’t be soon. I still need to complete the work that I’m here to do.

Do I feel sad about leaving the people that I love behind?
Yes and no.
Yes, because a part of me is attached to them. It doesn’t want to leave them behind. It wants to continue living, to have fun, to love, to travel, to experience what else it hasn’t experienced before, etc.
No, because when my time is up, that’s it. What’s on earth has no importance to me or rather my soul when it is time for me to leave. I’ve done what I needed to do and that’s all that matters. My best hope is for them to let me go as soon as possible.

If you find reading this scared the hell out of you, that isn’t my intention. If you think that I’m depressed and need help, I assure you that my mind is sound. I admit I do get depressed once in a while but today while writing this, isn’t one of those days.

I hope that my aunt is transitioning peacefully.
Rest in Peace aunty.