Paid all my karma and how I did it

I’ve received wonderful news a few days ago.

I finally passed the 5th initiation on my ascension journey.

I’ve paid all my karma and I’ve left the cycle of rebirth.

I had been waiting for this momentous event since the last reading that I had on May 4th. According to the reading, I had 10% karma left on both sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The week that I received the reading, I was thinking about how can I pay my remaining karma as fast as I could. To be honest, I felt like I was walking in the dark with regards to how to actively pay my karma. The way that was shown and shared with me ever since I decided to ascend back in 2018 was through healings with the Ascended Masters and using their oils on a daily basis as suggested by Verna, one of the guardians of the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand.

Since I only needed to clear karma from two chakras, I decided to use the leftover Mother Mary oil called Love onto those chakras. I applied the oil twice every day.

A week after I received the reading, I had a huge insight that enabled me to resolve my biggest issue concerning myself and other people specifically those who don’t resonate with me. This issue had come up over and over and over for me for as long as I can remember. It was like every time I thought I resolved it, it came up again which indicated that I hadn’t gotten to the root of the issue. Prior to that week, I always had issues with people who don’t like me, people who don’t approve of me, and etc. I would get triggered whenever I came across these people. And whenever I got triggered, my self-esteem became severely affected.

This huge insight that I had is about unconditional love.

It finally sank into my mind that my Higher Self loves me unconditionally no matter what and so does God.

I realized that the unconditional love that my Higher Self and God have for me is way more significant when compared to the love that I would receive from other human beings. This insight completely changes my perspective about myself and boost my self-esteem. It also made me realized that at a deeper level that I don’t need people to like me, I don’t need other people’s approval, etc. I can be ok, I can still be me, I’m loved by my Higher Self and God regardless.

In the same week, I attended a function and to my surprise, I wasn’t triggered at all despite being surrounded by the same people who I am sure are not fond of me and/or disapprove of me. I then realized that I may have finally learned my lessons. Yay for me!

Then a week later I received an email update from Verna that I have cleared all my karma and passed the 5th initiation.

I’m not going to pretend that I know the ins and outs of how to pay karma. I personally feel that healing with the Ascended Masters and using their oils daily speed up the process of paying karma and ascension. Having said that, if we keep on making karma than paying them then it slows down the ascension process. I can attest to this because of my personal experience. There was a time where I was just going through life, I kept on experiencing the same issue over and over and I didn’t even bother to find out what I needed to learn from it. As a result, I kept on making karma and my ascension level dropped from 3rd to 2nd initiation.

I’m a big believer in learning the lessons that our souls have chosen for us. The lessons that we need to learn are the keys to live an easier, peaceful and meaningful life. When we finally learned the lessons, we remove blockages (mentally, emotionally and physically) and unlock options and possibilities that were previously unavailable to us.

Whatever issues that keep on coming up, whatever it is that triggers us, there is always something about us that we need to learn. This is where self-reflection comes in handy. Looking within can be hard or challenging but if we are willing to dig deeper within us, we will uncover hidden gems that can change the course of our life. I myself often experience transformation as I self-reflect and find those gems.

I’m grateful to Verna and Weireti. I wouldn’t be on this journey and I wouldn’t be where I’m today if it weren’t for them and the Ascended Masters. They have walked the path and they are still on their ascension journey and providing healings, guidance and teachings. If you are curious about ascension, click here and you will be directed to their website.

If you are interested to learn the lessons that your soul has chosen for you, I will be sharing them on my new YouTube channel. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get notified when I upload the said video.

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Power, Peace & Love,

I have stopped reading tarot cards

If you have been following my Instagram stories a few years ago then you probably noticed that I posted tarot readings quite often. At some point, I made a commitment to share daily tarot readings for months.

My interest in tarot cards started after I was first exposed to oracle cards back in 2018.
Despite protests that I had received from some people, I bought several tarot decks and books, learned how to use the cards and even took a course to deepen my understanding of the tarot system. With consistent practice, I was able to use the cards to interpret the answers that I received from my intuition.

A month ago, I have stopped using them.

Here’s why.

For the past few months, I have been focusing on praying to God.

When I pray to God, I do either one of the following.
It’s either I ask God a question(s) or I ask for guidance or I ask for something.
After I ask, I would receive either a quick response, or a delayed response, or a physical manifestation of what I had asked for.

This happened quite often that it made me realize that God listens.

And I also realize that I receive His answers because I listen.

Whenever I ask God, in order for me to receive His answers, what I need to do is silence my mind. (Having done meditation for several years has helped me tremendously in this area).
I notice that whenever my mind is noisy, it’s impossible for me to receive His answers.

In my personal experience, God’s answers can either be in a form of my internal voice that I hear in my head or a specific feeling that I get or I feel the energy.

When God responds with the voice or a specific feeling, those responses are very easy for me to understand.

From these experiences, I began to realize that I don’t need tarot cards to interpret God’s responses to my questions.
All I have to do is just silence my mind and listen for His answers.

However, when God responds with energy, that is when I find myself in the dark. I don’t know how to interpret it. Often the energy is unfamiliar to me. Instead of reaching for my tarot deck, I gave myself time to assimilate the energy. Sometimes I managed to interpret it and most times I couldn’t. In this case, I either ask God again or I just let it be.

I am aware that there are people who think that God doesn’t listen. My question to these people is, are they even listening?

God’s responses can come in many ways. Sometimes, it’s direct and some other times God’s responses come indirectly.
The most important part after we ask God is to listen for His response.
When we don’t listen, then how can we receive His answers or guidance?

This entire experience has changed my relationship with God.
I too previously thought that God didn’t listen.
I thought that I needed a medium to translate God’s responses to my questions.
It turns out now I don’t.
I will receive His responses regardless; as long as I listen for them.

Hence, goodbye tarot cards.
I have had fun using them.
I am grateful that I took the opportunity to learn more about them.
I personally feel if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today spiritually speaking.
I acknowledge that it is time for me to move on and leave the tarot practice behind.
I do feel sad for letting this go.
However, I trust in God’s Divine plan and just focus on strengthening my spiritual connection with Him.

A New Beginning

I meditated during the Great Conjunction yesterday.

I originally planned for a clearing during that specific event.

However, I felt the need to start the clearing earlier that day.

Then at 6 pm, I started to meditate.

I figured that since I did the clearing already, it would be great to anchor the new energies brought by Saturn and Jupiter.

I aimed for a 30-minute meditation. After half an hour had passed, I had a nudge to continue my meditation.

That was when I felt the downpour of energies. They came in waves of different intensities.

At first, it was light then it started to increase in intensity and then it became lighter again. This went on for more than 20 minutes.

There were a lot of energies that I am not familiar with. My guess is I’m not yet attuned to these energies or I’ve never experienced them. Hence, I can’t put a label on them since I don’t know them.

Having said that, I did feel several energies that I’m familiar with.

  1. Overall Expansion
  2. Owning Universal Truth
  3. Love for Humanity
  4. Embrace Changes
  5. Let Go of the old paradigm

The energy of Overall Expansion is beautiful. This expansion energy will affect all areas of our life such as personal growth, abundance, relationships, health, etc.

Owning Universal Truth is amazingly powerful! It’s great when we own our personal truth because that is how we learn to know and be ourselves. However, owning the universal truth will help to propel us to a new level of consciousness and assists us in stepping into who we truly are at soul level.

The Love of Humanity is very much needed to help us move forward in the new Age of Aquarius. There is currently too much hatred and division among humanity. When the Love of Humanity is greater, it will strongly gather people to come and work together for a higher purpose.

Embrace Changes along the way. Big changes will be coming our way. What used to work in the old world, will no longer work. Those who are ready to embrace changes will be the ones who benefit the most. Those who refuse and resist will remain stuck despite the presence of the new energies.

All these new energies are here to support us. Allow them to assist us. To do so, we need to Let Go of our baggage and old beliefs and ways of thinking. There is no need for us to buy into lack, pain, struggle, mediocrity, and suffering anymore.

It is time for us to embrace a new beginning.

Let’s welcome new possibilities, abundance, magic and miracles into our lives.

Cosmic Master Ganesh

I recently found out my other spiritual teachers who have been with me since I was born.

I was surprised by two of them.

And is one of them is The Cosmic Master Ganesh.

He is with me for my life lessons and life path.

When I first heard of him many years ago, I only knew him as the remover of obstacles.

I wasn’t aware of him as one of my spiritual teachers, unlike Ascended Master Isis, who came to me during my meditation back in 2014.

I recently learned that those with Ganesh often have inner scars.
These deep emotional scars often restrict us in our lives on so many levels.

In my case, he asks me to look within and see the truth within me, and in this truth love self. It is through self-knowledge that self-healing occurs.

It feels a lot like this saying, “the truth shall set you free.”

I can’t help but laugh at the synchronicities.

From my first transformation back in 2011, I learned to look within to find my truth.
Then I realized that not many people resonate with my truth.
I had to learn to accept that some people would never resonate with my truth.
Since then, I acknowledge that my truth is my truth.
Others may not agree or resonate with them.
It doesn’t matter.
Because my truth is true for me.

Finding my truth has saved me countless times, more than I can remember.

It saves me from the inner conflicts that I had.

Through finding my truth, I uncovered many lies that I thought were truths.
They made me questioned myself and my beliefs.
As I dove deeper with each question, I eventually found the truth for me.
And every time I discovered my truth, I set myself free to be me.

I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if I didn’t honor my truth.

I get it if other people find me strange.
I’ve accepted that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee.
And that’s okay with me.

Back to Ganesh.

Right now, Ganesh is working with humanity to heal our inner scarring.

If you feel called to heal your inner scarring, you can work with him.

I have been working with him every day now since I found out that he is one of my spiritual teachers.

There are two easy ways to connect with him.

You can call on him during meditation.
However, if you feel unsure about the authenticity of the Being who come forward, whether it is Ganesh himself or an imposter (which can happen), then you can use the second way.

The second way is via his portal card.
Ganesh has made a portal card of his pure energy.
By placing his portal card onto a chakra point, his healing energy will flow directly into you.

I have been connecting and receiving his healing every single day via his portal card.

I printed the portal and laminated it for my personal use.

Below is a short video of the portal of Ganesh.

As you look at the portal, open your heart, and receive his healing energy.


If you are interested in this portal card, you can contact me via the contact form, or you can DM me at Instagram.

I will direct you to the creator’s webpage.

Ascension & Where I am Energetically

I came across the concept of ascension back in 2014.

I didn’t know what it was about, and I wasn’t sure if I should take the concept seriously.

Over the four years, I had been going back and forth. Every time I asked myself if I wanted to take on the ascension path, I somehow unsure if I wanted to walk down that path.

The more I read about it, the more I learned about it, and finally, in 2018, I decided to commit to it.

I started my journey by having an ascension reading to see where I was energetically in my ascension process. This reading is also used as a baseline to monitor my ascension process.

In the 2018 ascension reading, I had between 30% and 50% of my karma left to pay depending on the chakra.

I also had 2 of my chakras that are misaligned due to karma that was not being resolved.

Why are these measurements important?

Ascension is about paying our karma and clearing them from our chakras.

To ascend, we must have zero karma left in our chakras.

The latest reading that I had back in April 2020 was I have between 20% and 30% of my karma left to pay.

My previous 2 chakras that were previously misaligned are now aligned with the rest of the chakras.

The products and the healings provided, as well as being conscious about my thoughts and emotions have been a huge help to get me to where I am today.

My next update will be in October 2020.

I look forward to having more light in my chakras and less karma to pay.

If you are interested to find out more about ascension, click this link.