My 10km hike from Tasek Lama

I’ve never done a 10km hike from Tasek Lama before and since I’ve done 16km hike, I decided to give it a try.

This time we started from Tasek Lama. From there we went straight to Laur and then Karamunting then to Wasai Wang Jumat and headed to Radisson Hotel and finally headed back to Tasek Lama.

Going through the 10km route from Tasek Lama is the reverse route that I usually hike when I go to Sarang Helang. The route was some what unfamiliar and it gave me a new “view” of Tasek Lama.

We started after 9am. As usual I covered myself from head to toe. I wore UPF 50+ hat, long sleeves, knee-length pants and knee high socks. Since the socks were thin, I wore another thick socks so I don’t get blister like I did on my 16km hike.

Arrived at Tasek Lama and Bobby showed me the route that we were going to take on a map just outside the gate.

Since we were going the reverse direction of the usual route, we went up the long stairs to go to laluan berita.

Once we arrived at the top, we walked for some time and stopped briefly to go over the map.

We continued to walk along laluan berita. There were a few short hills that we went through.

After walking of more than 1km, we arrived at the simpang which we will come out of Karamunsing later on.


From here we went to a route that I’ve never been before.

On the way to Laur the route was shaded by tall trees for most of the time. A few spots were wet and also muddy. We also went up hills twice if I’m not mistaken.

After a few kilometers of walking, we got to the exposed area just below the next hill which is Laur.

We reached the top of Laur and we rested for some time.

I took a video of the view on top of Laur.

We reviewed the map again before we headed to karamunting.

The route from Laur to Karamunting isn’t as shaded as the previous route. Most are exposed areas and the sun was finally out in the middle of the day.

We passed by a graveyard on our way to Karamunting.

As we approaching Karamunting, there were a lot of this particular plant on our way. I took a video of them.

Do you believe me if I tell you that there’s a “Hotel California” at Karamunting?

Bobby has been there several times. I had been here twice so far. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner too!

Wanna have a look at the interior? Check the brief video below.

From here we headed to Wasai Wang Jumat.

The trail was going down hill.

I was surprised to still meet people on our way considering it was almost 12pm.

After we passed by the small stream, part of the trail looked like the picture below.

We passed by the flat trail and we went down hill from here.

There were 2 wasai. I just call it wasai 1 because I don’t know what’s called and Wasai Wang Jumat. I could hear the wasai 1 on our way.

Unfortunately because wasai 1 isn’t really on the way to go back to Tasek Lama, we skipped it and just went to Wasai Wang Jumat.

We continued our hike until we reached Wasai Wang Jumat.

Bobby took a dip to refresh himself and I just took videos. After bobby was done, we headed back to Tasek Lama. We went up hill this time.

Bobby took a video of me while I was going up the hill.

We were at laluan berita again and Bobby looked at his watch. So far both of us tracked more than 7km hike. And so in order to get 10km, we had to go through a longer route which was a different route from the one we had started with.

We also met 2 other people who were planning to go through the same route.

The longer route was flatter with very few going up and down hills. It was easy for me to go faster. My pace was more than 5km/h.

We finally got out of Tasek Lama.

And we were greeted by this view.

We jogged going down hill and walked faster on the padded road.

I was looking forward to hydrate myself with coconut water. I felt like I couldn’t walk fast enough to reach one of the stalls.

And I did it!

I personally feel that the hike could have been done faster. I took time to take pictures and videos which involved a lot of pauses and stops along the way.

The best part after a long hike is I get to indulge eating one of my favourite foods!

I have to say I’m addicted to these long hikes!

I have the collection of the videos that I took during the hike uploaded to YouTube. They can be viewed below.


To my next long hike!


My first 16km hike

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My 16Km hike was captured using Relive. So so cool…

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I was never interested to do a long hike. My interest was sparked when Bobby asked me if I wanted to join Beach Bunch Night Trail Challenge 2017.

There are 2 categories, 10km and 20km. I doubt that I could hike 20km but I was confident that I could do 10km.

The 10km hike for the night trail challenge started from Jerudong Beach and ended up at Agro Park.

I decided to see if I could hike 10km under the cut-off time 2 hours.

I did have 2 back up plans.

One was to hike 5km and headed back to get 10km.

Second was to hike a total 16km from Agro Park to Shahbandar and back to Agro Park.

I was planning to just hike 10km total. Started from Agro Park, hike half way and headed back.

The original plan was to start at 6.30am on Sunday last week but since it was raining in the early morning we waited until rain had stopped and started much later.

The sun was out and it was a hot morning. I decided to cover myself from head to toe. I wore long pants, long sleeves with a hat. I put on sunscreen on my face and also my hands.

It was almost 10 am when we started our hike.

It was my first time hiking from Agro Park. The trail was flat at first and there were several long hills that we went through for more than 5km.

I was tired after 2.8km. My guess is because I’m not used to long slow incline hills. But I quickly recovered went down hills.

Just before 4km, I said to Bobby that I was just going to go for 5km and headed back. By this time, I went up hills slower.

We went through 3 big hills as we were approaching 5km and the thought that I had to go through those hills again if we head back changed my mind.

Bobby shared after the last hill that the terrain will be more flatter with short hills.

So I decided to just go through the 10km and went straight to Shahbandar.

The terrain was wet and muddy most of the time. Good thing that I was wearing my “Temburong shoes”.

After 8km, my thighs started to tighten. I felt the discomfort and resisted the urge to stop and rest because I was in a hurry to reach Shahbandar. I also noticed that my hands were already clubbing. My fingers were chubby and wasn’t easy for me to fold my fingers and close my hands. I haven’t had clubbing hands for a very long time. I used to have it when I started to hike more than a decade ago. Told Bobby about my hands and Bobby said to refrain from drinking my water. I agreed.

We went out of the jungle trail next to substation and walked on highway to Shahbandar.

I was already exhausted and I was so so glad when we finally reached Shahbandar.

Arrived at Shahbandar after 2.5 hours.

Quenched our thirst with 2 coconut water each and rest for a bit before we head back to Agro Park.

My hands were less clubbing now probably due to less stress and also resting.

We went through Empire’s road from Shahbandar. The terrain from here on wards are jungle trail, a very very long gravel road and padded roads.

I was fine with the jungle trail. Surprised that there was a lake next to the jungle trail! Water looked so calm and it made me want to swim in it but Bobby advised against it because there might be dangerous animals like snakes and the like.

After we passed the jungle trail, there was gravel road. There was no hills, there was a gradual slope of going down and up.

After walking for a few kilometers, my knees started to hurt and the soles of my feet felt the heat from the stones. I could feel the rough stones through the Temburong shoes. It felt very much like my feet were tortured to be honest with you.

Unfortunately a very old injury resurfaced and made walking through gravel road a lot more unbearable.

I was so glad to finally see PLM building once we were out of the jungle. I had wished that we parked the car closer so I didn’t have to walk further.

We got to the car after 2pm and went straight to have our lunch.

At the end of the day, I bloody well surprised myself! I never hike for more than 6km before and I did it!

I need to remind myself of a couple of things for my next long hike. Wear UPF 50+ gloves and long socks. Half of my hands were sunburnt and so are the exposed areas on my ankles. Continue Reading

Say hello to my new hair!

It was after I got married that I noticed I had lots of white hair.

Some people had noticed and they had a nick name for me. They called me Rogue from X-Men because we had a section of white hair on our front side.

I was disturbed by having them at first especially at 27 years old. I considered myself to be still young at that age and therefore I thought I should not have any white or grey hair.

Years had come and there was no reduction on the white hair instead I had more.

I had considered to dye my hair at hair saloon but when I thought of the maintenance and the cost of the whole treatments, it had put me off. Not to mention that they will most likely ruin my hair and possibly my scalp. That is something that I don’t want to compromise.

So I let them be and I watched as they multiply with age.

At some point in my life, I decided to no longer be bothered by them and I truly didn’t. I accepted them.

This year’s Ramadhan, my sister was sharing that she dyed her hair with henna.

I was intrigued.

I was interested but resisted the idea of dying my own hair considering the amount of work that I may need to put in.

I even asked her if the henna dye that she used was safe.

I googled the ingredients and looks like the ingredients are plant based with the exception of red clay.

The henna dye stated that it’s chemical free, PPD free, metallic salts free, ammonia free, pesticides free, peroxides free, preservatives free and also cruelty free.

Finally I decided to give it a try after my husband agreed to assist me.

Before henna application

My first try was on the 29th day of Ramadhan. Unfortunately, due to our first time with limited skills and knowledge, it didn’t come out as I had hope.

I hadn’t consider that my hair is thick and therefore needed more henna powder to completely covered my hair. I only used half of the packet which was mistake on my part. I should have used the whole packet. Another mistake that we did was we didn’t cover each strand completely with the paste. We took it for granted that the henna would work it’s magic. The result would have been so much better when all strand of hair were covered with the paste.

The third mistake was we left the paste dry on my head. We should have make sure that the paste was moist before covering my head with shower cap.

After the first henna application

My second try was on the final day of Ramadhan. It took 3 hours just working to cover each strand of hair with the henna paste. But the painstaking effort so worth the effort as all my white hair finally adopted the new colour, wine red.

After the second henna application

My henna hair and how they look like under the sun

I got to enjoy my new hair for a couple of days until I noticed the colour especially close to the roots started to become orangegy.

Another concern that I have is that the colour bleeds every time I shampoo my hair. The colour stains my palms and also my fingers. The instruction clearly stated to only shampoo hair after 24-48hrs after application and to shampoo for 3 consecutive days after that. And with this colour wine red, it tends to bleed.

I looked and searched why the colour bleeds and how I can minimise it.

A few sources mentioned that if the colour bleeds for weeks then it’s considered not normal. And since it’s been 5 days, I don’t have to worry. But oh boy I’m worried!

Because, colour bleeds could either be because of the henna dye or it’s the hair.

If it’s the nature of the henna dye then fine. But if it’s the hair then I have my hair to worry about. One source stated that damaged hair tends to bleed.

Well, I do swim in swimming pool a lot since 2015. Since then I’ve been losing a lot of hair. The amount of hair loss that I currently experience is worrisome.

I do use clarifying shampoo to get rid of chlorine and whatever pool pollutants there are in the pool water.I am guessing if my hair is damaged then it’s most likely from chlorine and other pollutants in public pools.

I read a lot of internet articles and some mentioned that the benefits of dying hair with henna is it could repair damaged hair. And so I’m counting on henna’s ability to heal my damaged hair.

I so love my new henna hair and I feel like I could never get enough of it.

If you are interested to give henna a try, look for them at Hair Henna Brunei or check their instagram.

The ones that I personally have tried is from the henna guys and also light mountain.

I look forward to another henna treatment for my hair.

To having henna hair,




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My third SUP lesson

Woke up early. Checked the weather and it looked like it was going to be a hot day. Originally I had planned on wearing a bikini top but decided to wear my 2 piece swimwear instead. I put on sunscreen generously all over my body so I wouldn’t get sunburnt.

Arrived at the beach early. This time we started from Tungku Beach. Water was so so calm with no waves at all. Such a perfect condition for an open water swim or SUP session.

The session started with light stretches before we hit the water.

I started my watch after I got onto my board. Hopefully this time, since I enabled the heart rate monitor, it can tell me the amount of calories that I burn from SUP.

I put to practice on what I’ve learnt about the 3P’s last week. I made sure that I didn’t bend my arms and my back when I paddled and I surprised myself when I noticed it was so easy to paddle this time.

Stephen was sharing about wind shadow and how to spot wind shadow during paddling.

We paddled across river mouth and continued until we reached a bay.

From here we stopped and brought our boards to the shore.

We practiced falling onto the water. This was first done without a board. Basically we just jumped on our feet and fell on our back and then on our front. I made sure that my arms were spread wide when I did this. I had no issue with falling on my back but after I did on my front, water got into my nose and it stings.

After we got the hang of falling, Stephen asked us to do drills. He demonstrated first on what he wanted us to do.

Leah started to practice with her board first. She practiced the 3 drills that Stephen asked of us.

After Leah was done, it was my turn.

After I was done then Stephen showed us how stable the boards are.

Then we paddled next to the rocks and we got to see corals! Some are blue and some are green.

We continued to paddle to the next bay.

On our way, I just couldn’t resist the clear green water. So I slowly got off the board and took a dip in the water. Leah and Stephen did the same.

I even swam breaststroke just for a bit. Then I got onto my board. It was such a relaxing morning that I decided to just sit as relaxed as I could.

I noticed that this time I was able to manouver the board so much better than my previous sessions. I already know how to slow myself down and also how to prevent my board from hitting others.

We slowed down as we got closer to the rocks and this time both Leah and I saw fishes! They’re black with yellow stripes. This is when I wished that I had brought my goggles and also my waterproof camera!

From here Stephen showed us how to do pivot turn. When I tried to do it, I fell into the water. I think I fell several times because I lost my balance. Stephen made a joke about me wanting to practice my fall. LOL 😬 I admit that it’s kinda fun now falling into the water because I now know how to get on my board.

To be honest, I find it interesting that once I knew how to get on the board, my fear of being on the water had disappeared. Because I no longer worried about me falling into the water, I got to enjoy what I was doing. I focused better on my paddling and where I was going.

It was a really peaceful morning. There were no boats in sight and the calm water helps with the forward movement of my board. I paddled so much better, I watched my posture and I had gain so much confidence in my own ability to SUP.

We headed back to where we left off and when I got off the board and turned off my watch. I was excited to see how many kilometers we paddled and of course the calories burn.

I was so surprised and disappointed that the watch didn’t record the GPS but fortunately it recorded the calories burn.

This got me frustrated. I’m like “what the hell did I do wrong this time!”. On my way home I checked my phone and apparently my GPS tracker on my watch was turned off. I truly don’t know how that happened. Last session, the GPS was working fine but the heart rate monitor wasn’t.

However, I received this image from Stephen that shows the GPS of our activity.

On the next session, I will make sure that both the GPS and the heart rate monitor are enabled before the start of my session.

Unfortunately there won’t be any lesson next week. The final session for us might be sometime in July. I guess I’m going to rest my skin from the sun for some time.

SUP images and videos are by Stephen from Surfskime.

Click here for my first SUP lesson.

Click here for my second SUP lesson.

Until the next SUP session,

Why I started juicing?

The sudden interest that I had for juicing is because I saw a video about a kid who were diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and he is now cured after his mother introduced juicing into his daily diet.

We often heard that arthritis are common among the elderly. I’ve never heard of a kid who suffered from arthritis until I saw that video.

I saw Bobby watched the video and at first I was not interested and I only saw bits and pieces of the video.

I started to get interested months later. I decided to watch it on my own.

It’s about Joe Cross who was fat, sick and nearly dead. He started juice fast for 60 days. He only drank juices and didn’t eat food for 60 days. On day 61, he lost more than 30kg and he was free of his medications two months after.

There were two videos and while was I watching the first video, I realised that I was watching a documentary made by Joe Cross.

Some of the things that Joe and a few experts shared in his videos make sense to me. Such as we are consuming far more calories than what our body needs and we don’t need to eat so much because of our sedentary lifestyle.

The biggest realisation that I got out of watching them is it’s the lack of nutrients in the food that caused people to be sick and/or overweight.

The kid whom I mentioned above shouldn’t have arthritis at such a young age. And yet he did and he was heavily medicated because of it. He was in pain and he had stopped walking because of the pain for crying out loud! I’m thankful that his mother watched Joe’s first documentary and decided to incorporate juicing into his daily diet.

The kid’s story made such a huge impact on me. It was because of him that I made the decision to start juicing and to make sure that my body is well fed with nutrients and anti-oxidants from fruits and vegetables.

I admit that it was challenging at first because I was lazy. When I first prepared my green juice, it took me an hour from chopping fruits and vegetables to have the juice and then I spent another half an hour to clean up the juicer. I found it a hassle to juice to be honest. I took a break for a few days.

On my break, I rewatched both documentaries over and over and over again until I made the choice and commitment to make juicing as part of my daily diet.

From watching the documentaries, I know why having fruits and vegetables are essential daily, I know why the lack of nutrients got people to be sick and/or overweight and I know if I don’t start to take care of my body now nothing’s going to change for me, my body and my life.

Knowing that I know all that unfortunately doesn’t do anything for me. Knowing has no power to transform my life. The moment I take actions and those actions are consistent with what I want for myself then I have created a new reality for me and a healthier life and lifestyle choice.

I told myself if I’m going to be committed to do this, then I juice at least once a day. This was about a month ago. And a few days ago I met someone who hasn’t seen me for about a month and she was surprised and complimented that I lost weight. 😃😊 I was happy to show her my flatter tummy.

Losing weight wasn’t part of my plan. I was more concerned with supplying my body with the right fuel so it can function the best that it can and of course to avoid getting life threatening diseases/cancer and the like. Although I wouldn’t mind losing weight, because losing weight means my body will be lighter, less burden on my legs and knees, I wouldn’t need to eat so much just to keep the body running and may be I can run and cycle a bit faster.

I do rewatch both documentaries from time to time. This serves as reminder to me why I had started in the first place.

In my own personal experience of juicing is I rarely feel sluggish in the morning anymore, I have the energy to continue my day without taking an hour or sometimes longer nap in the afternoon and I sleep so much better nowadays. The best thing about juicing for me is whenever I have headache (which is more towards migraine) either from dehydration or heat stroke, I just prepare and drink my juice, and wait for 30 minutes to an hour, the headache disappears. I no longer have to suffer through the pain for hours and days.

If you are interested to watch Joe’s documentaries, I share them below.

To making choices and healthier lifestyle,