Paid all my karma and how I did it

I’ve received wonderful news a few days ago.

I finally passed the 5th initiation on my ascension journey.

I’ve paid all my karma and I’ve left the cycle of rebirth.

I had been waiting for this momentous event since the last reading that I had on May 4th. According to the reading, I had 10% karma left on both sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The week that I received the reading, I was thinking about how can I pay my remaining karma as fast as I could. To be honest, I felt like I was walking in the dark with regards to how to actively pay my karma. The way that was shown and shared with me ever since I decided to ascend back in 2018 was through healings with the Ascended Masters and using their oils on a daily basis as suggested by Verna, one of the guardians of the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand.

Since I only needed to clear karma from two chakras, I decided to use the leftover Mother Mary oil called Love onto those chakras. I applied the oil twice every day.

A week after I received the reading, I had a huge insight that enabled me to resolve my biggest issue concerning myself and other people specifically those who don’t resonate with me. This issue had come up over and over and over for me for as long as I can remember. It was like every time I thought I resolved it, it came up again which indicated that I hadn’t gotten to the root of the issue. Prior to that week, I always had issues with people who don’t like me, people who don’t approve of me, and etc. I would get triggered whenever I came across these people. And whenever I got triggered, my self-esteem became severely affected.

This huge insight that I had is about unconditional love.

It finally sank into my mind that my Higher Self loves me unconditionally no matter what and so does God.

I realized that the unconditional love that my Higher Self and God have for me is way more significant when compared to the love that I would receive from other human beings. This insight completely changes my perspective about myself and boost my self-esteem. It also made me realized that at a deeper level that I don’t need people to like me, I don’t need other people’s approval, etc. I can be ok, I can still be me, I’m loved by my Higher Self and God regardless.

In the same week, I attended a function and to my surprise, I wasn’t triggered at all despite being surrounded by the same people who I am sure are not fond of me and/or disapprove of me. I then realized that I may have finally learned my lessons. Yay for me!

Then a week later I received an email update from Verna that I have cleared all my karma and passed the 5th initiation.

I’m not going to pretend that I know the ins and outs of how to pay karma. I personally feel that healing with the Ascended Masters and using their oils daily speed up the process of paying karma and ascension. Having said that, if we keep on making karma than paying them then it slows down the ascension process. I can attest to this because of my personal experience. There was a time where I was just going through life, I kept on experiencing the same issue over and over and I didn’t even bother to find out what I needed to learn from it. As a result, I kept on making karma and my ascension level dropped from 3rd to 2nd initiation.

I’m a big believer in learning the lessons that our souls have chosen for us. The lessons that we need to learn are the keys to live an easier, peaceful and meaningful life. When we finally learned the lessons, we remove blockages (mentally, emotionally and physically) and unlock options and possibilities that were previously unavailable to us.

Whatever issues that keep on coming up, whatever it is that triggers us, there is always something about us that we need to learn. This is where self-reflection comes in handy. Looking within can be hard or challenging but if we are willing to dig deeper within us, we will uncover hidden gems that can change the course of our life. I myself often experience transformation as I self-reflect and find those gems.

I’m grateful to Verna and Weireti. I wouldn’t be on this journey and I wouldn’t be where I’m today if it weren’t for them and the Ascended Masters. They have walked the path and they are still on their ascension journey and providing healings, guidance and teachings. If you are curious about ascension, click here and you will be directed to their website.

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Power, Peace & Love,