I have stopped reading tarot cards

If you have been following my Instagram stories a few years ago then you probably noticed that I posted tarot readings quite often. At some point, I made a commitment to share daily tarot readings for months.

My interest in tarot cards started after I was first exposed to oracle cards back in 2018.
Despite protests that I had received from some people, I bought several tarot decks and books, learned how to use the cards and even took a course to deepen my understanding of the tarot system. With consistent practice, I was able to use the cards to interpret the answers that I received from my intuition.

A month ago, I have stopped using them.

Here’s why.

For the past few months, I have been focusing on praying to God.

When I pray to God, I do either one of the following.
It’s either I ask God a question(s) or I ask for guidance or I ask for something.
After I ask, I would receive either a quick response, or a delayed response, or a physical manifestation of what I had asked for.

This happened quite often that it made me realize that God listens.

And I also realize that I receive His answers because I listen.

Whenever I ask God, in order for me to receive His answers, what I need to do is silence my mind. (Having done meditation for several years has helped me tremendously in this area).
I notice that whenever my mind is noisy, it’s impossible for me to receive His answers.

In my personal experience, God’s answers can either be in a form of my internal voice that I hear in my head or a specific feeling that I get or I feel the energy.

When God responds with the voice or a specific feeling, those responses are very easy for me to understand.

From these experiences, I began to realize that I don’t need tarot cards to interpret God’s responses to my questions.
All I have to do is just silence my mind and listen for His answers.

However, when God responds with energy, that is when I find myself in the dark. I don’t know how to interpret it. Often the energy is unfamiliar to me. Instead of reaching for my tarot deck, I gave myself time to assimilate the energy. Sometimes I managed to interpret it and most times I couldn’t. In this case, I either ask God again or I just let it be.

I am aware that there are people who think that God doesn’t listen. My question to these people is, are they even listening?

God’s responses can come in many ways. Sometimes, it’s direct and some other times God’s responses come indirectly.
The most important part after we ask God is to listen for His response.
When we don’t listen, then how can we receive His answers or guidance?

This entire experience has changed my relationship with God.
I too previously thought that God didn’t listen.
I thought that I needed a medium to translate God’s responses to my questions.
It turns out now I don’t.
I will receive His responses regardless; as long as I listen for them.

Hence, goodbye tarot cards.
I have had fun using them.
I am grateful that I took the opportunity to learn more about them.
I personally feel if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today spiritually speaking.
I acknowledge that it is time for me to move on and leave the tarot practice behind.
I do feel sad for letting this go.
However, I trust in God’s Divine plan and just focus on strengthening my spiritual connection with Him.