Soft Hair Treatment

Ever since I use henna to colour my hair, I’ve obsessed with wanting to have soft hair.

At the time of writing this post, I’ve tried a couple of things suggested by YouTubers and their recipes on how they are able to achieve their soft hair.

So far none of their recipes work on my hair. I also understand that I may need to repeat the hair treatments several times to achieve the desired results.

So imagine my disappointment when the hair treatments that I had tried didn’t work for me.

The one good thing about those hair treatments is they don’t cost a lot. I’ve used eggs, honey, coconut oils and the like. Ingredients used are relatively cheap and so I’ve tried several hair treatments.

Unfortunately my hair was still dry, puffy and unmanageable.

After several recipes and treatments, I concluded that the issue with my hair is that my hair is dry and positively damaged from the sun, over exposure to chlorine in swimming pool and sea water from the ocean.

I would have thought that using conditioner would help with the dryness but the ones that I have aren’t enough to provide moisture for my hair.

After reading internet articles, I decided to give oil treatment to my hair.

My first try was using coconut oil. The brand that I was using mentioned that it’s 100% pure, natural and unrefined coconut oil.

Not sure whether it’s the quality of the oil or is it my hair that doesn’t like it. The oil just sits on top of my hair. The oil wasn’t absorbed by my hair and my hair felt super greasy.

I tried another hair oil and the result was similar to the coconut oil.

My third try was using a bunch of mixed oils that is advertised as body oil. The only reason I was brave enough to put this oil on my hair is because it says 100% natural ingredients. Of course I double check with the ingredients stated on the label.

I massaged this oil onto my scalp making sure that I didn’t miss any spot. I also massage the oil onto my hair. To my surprise, an hour later my hair became softer. My hair was a lot less puffy!

The after pictures were taken after I left the oil on my scalp and hair for 20 hours.

This mixed oils isn’t greasy as the previous oils that I had tried. It was light and apparently my hair loves it!

Interested to know what body oil is it?

Check this link and look for their Oily Love.

Oily Love is made from coconut, macadamia, olive, jojoba and grapeseed oils, which are proven to improve overall skin quality while hydrating, nourishing, diminishing dryness, reducing wrinkles and easing irritation.

The cool thing about buying Oily Love is you get to choose whether to buy it for one time purchase or by subscription (more discount for you!).

If you want to give it a try and not want to commit then one time purchase would be the option for you. If however, you’ve tried it and you like/love it and want to have constant supply of it then go for the subscription.

If your concern is the shipping cost then they have 2 options for you, free shipping (no tracking Number) and paid shipping (with tracking number) and they ship worldwide.

I’m going to be honest about the using ofbody oil. It was my first time using it and I don’t know what other benefits/pitfalls of using it on my scalp and hair. I’ve been using it on my skin since I bought it. And since it works on providing moisture for my hair, I will continue to use it on my hair. Hopefully with more application, I get to see more benefits with prolong usage.

I will share my future update on this page.

To having soft hair,




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